Palm Sunday – Palm Crosses

Palm Sunday is celebrated the week before Easter. This is the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey with everyone hailing his arrival and placing palms in front of him, fulfilling the Scriptures of the coming of the Messiah. We at St. Timothy’s Anglican church do a blessing of the palms in the form of palm crosses on Palm Sunday. These palm crosses are kept in our homes until Ash Wednesday of the following year, when they are returned to the church and burned for the Ash Wednesday service and dispensation of ashes. During the coronavirus crisis we are not able to celebrate Palm Sunday in our churches, but we would like to make a part of this tradition available to all who would like to participate.

We will be blessing the palm crosses during our Palm Sunday Service which will be broadcast on our website and other social media platforms. If you would like to receive a blessed palm cross, please fill out the information below and we will see that you receive one for each member of your family or household.