Saint Timothy’s Anglican Church is posting our Sunday Worship Service to our site during the current Coronavirus epidemic. Click on the image below to experience our Morning Prayer Service.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Service March 15, 2020

  1. Alexandria says:

    I just watched a wonderful church service at St. Timothy’s Anglican church! Even in this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus, the church has continued to fill the needs of their parish and those in the community in which they serve. Kudos to the church for being proactive so quickly and continuing to preach the word of God.

  2. H. Katherine Litchfield (Bunny) says:

    What we’ve viewed is a beautifully accomplished first effort, as St. Timothy’s Anglican Church enters the 21st century! The service, the message, and the music (absolutely marvelous!!!) all fit together so well. Thank you from the heart for addressing the needs of the congregation and community in this unusual situation.

    Maybe we at St. Timothy’s should consider doing such a service online more often than during times like this. Is this the opportunity we’ve waited for to “go out into the world” (the cyber world?) to reach others?

  3. Judy Spratt says:

    What a beautiful service and a personal blessing to me. I have missed you all so much. Fr. Jim, Jeff, and Marc! God bless you all!

  4. Janis McCarvill says:

    What a wonderful service today,
    it brought us such peace and happiness.

    Thank you for bring us the fullness of our Savior’s love during these trying times.
    God Bless you Father Jim and all our church family at St Timothy’s.
    Father Rick and Jan

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